Leah Jaramillo

I’m a less mild than I used to be woman. I am called “mama” + “babe” on a daily basis. I am passionate about giving people a voice to share their stories. I am someone without a degree to quantify my abilities. I am a person who has worked anywhere from retail to coffee to childcare. And now I’m here; a place, a job, where my heart is my work + I have the privilege of hearing stories every day. 

As an individual I am an introvert, I’m terrible at making social life plans, I like writing, drinking almost anything but water when given the choice, I like to make things by knitting, embroidery + sewing, I can’t keep plants alive to save my own life, + I wish I had kept up with reading more regularly so that I wouldn’t get distracted when I try to read now. 

As a creative I am drawn to light + shadows, the details of each moment + interaction. I am empathic + feel right alongside those I photograph, consistently shedding at least a tear or two throughout the process of each and every session. I get up close + personal, I ask questions, share parts of my own story, + I always find a point of connection with my clients stories.

The photos I take all become an integral part of my own story, each and every one I take + deliver holds a special place in my heart. The photos represent the people who impact my life, the stories that settle into the spaces of my heart. As each photo means something to me I pray that they also hold deep meaning + sentiment for those I captured the images for.

As a whole I aim to listen well, capture honestly, + create images that you will look back on + feel throughout the rest of your days.