Leah Jaramillo

i am a day dreamer, serious thinker, emotionally driven kind of person. i cry at other people’s emotions, + i love to hear stories.

most of my life i was called dramatic, because i feel deeply the things around me. today i am content to be viewed as such for the sake of who i am.

imagery has always been a form of story telling to me, + even my blurry iPhone photos become a journal to my soul.

i eat too much junk food, watch a lot of tv, + love to lay in bed snuggling my babies. we cry a lot, say sorry often, + feel life happening because we can.

all of these things are a part of who i am. they barely scrape the surface of the person behind the camera as you have your photos taken, but if there is one thing i can assure people of, it is this; you can know that i will listen while you speak, i will weigh each word + feel your story on a very personal level. i do not take trust lightly, nor do i pretend to understand everyone. each session, each image, each interaction i have, often times long after the camera has been put away, impacts me + pushes me to grow as a human being.