Caedon + Brianne || a lifestyle story

i've known for quite some time that i wanted to capture real couples, in their real element. to harness true + pure emotion between two people who cannot get enough of each other; not because love is blind, but because love is so much more than feelings. having known Caedon + Brianne for quite a while i was so honored that they wanted me to photograph them, + especially since they were newly married i couldn't wait to capture this season of life they were in! 

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Eisley Wickline || A Birth Story

when Tabitha reached out to me about photographing her labor + delivery i was beyond excited! this was a family i had known since i was a little girl, they are my honorary family + i LOVE getting to be a part of capturing the emotion of the people that are near + dear to my heart. 

i’m so honored to get to share her beautiful birth story with you. 

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Why It's Important That I Charge What I Do

as a creative it’s so easy to second guess yourself + your work; as Leah i struggle so much with it. one of the biggest ways that i second guess myself is when i’m told “you’re too expensive” or “i know someone else who will give me more for less money”, so i wanted to break down why i charge what i do.

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Reid || A Lifestyle Story

Reid is the third child in a family i ADORE. i was their nanny for years, + still maintain a relationship with them even after our professional relationship ended. Haylee was pregnant with Reid at the same time i was pregnant with Blythe + we both were able to relate + connect over the new members of our families that would be joining us just 6 months apart!

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I Am a Story-Teller

my adventure is found in the small corners, the overlooked + worn down areas that fellow observers have inhabited before me. i thrive on butterfly kisses + the smell of the people i know + love. nowhere feels like home more than when i am wrapped in the arms of the man i call “husband”, or my sweet B lays her head on my shoulder + sighs that sweet sigh of safety. 

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