Caedon + Brianne || a lifestyle story

i've known for quite some time that i wanted to capture real couples, in their real element. to harness true + pure emotion between two people who cannot get enough of each other; not because love is blind, but because love is so much more than feelings. having known Caedon + Brianne for quite a while i was so honored that they wanted me to photograph them, + especially since they were newly married i couldn't wait to capture this season of life they were in! 

we started off sipping coffee on the couch, laughing about our favorite tv shows, + talking about the joys + struggles of being newly married. they are both some of the most tender-hearted people i have ever met, constantly being an encouragement to those around them. exhibiting grace + vulnerability in this new season of their lives. i am so blessed to call them friends + know that they will always be  so very dear to my heart. while life can become busy, i am so grateful to be able to spend time with them + remember that we should all embrace slow seasons, + tiny moments that may not mean much now, but ultimately will mean the world.

they are the type of people you could sit + talk to for hours(trust me, i have!), but also the kinds of people you can sit + watch a movie with + still feel like you spent good time together. they are such fun, + wonderful humans.  

i could go on for forever about how wonderful they are, how time spent with them is never dull or in vain, but ultimately i will just say that if you ever find a "Caedon + Brianne" in your life, do not let them go. learn to embrace them well as friends, learn to be gracious, kind, + vulnerable alongside them, + take the reality of the amazing community that is forming in your life. i promise you will not regret it!