Eisley Wickline || A Birth Story

when Tabitha reached out to me about photographing her labor + delivery i was beyond excited! this was a family i had known since i was a little girl, they are my honorary family + i LOVE getting to be a part of capturing the emotion of the people that are near + dear to my heart. 

i’m so honored to get to share her beautiful birth story with you. 


Tabitha's Favorite Images


Moving into your labor + delivery what was your greatest fear?

“my biggest fear was arriving to the hospital thinking they would send me home! i honestly thought i wasn’t very far into labor. When i got there i was 8cm dilated + couldn’t even comprehend that i was being admitted to deliver my baby!” 

-Tabitha was a ROCKSTAR during her labor + delivery, when i got the text that she was 8cm i was ready for all the transition sounds + stress. when i walked in Tabitha was standing + walking around the room, laughing + joking in between contractions. she’s definitely a birth role model for any future babies for me. 


What was your most vivid memory from your labor + delivery? 

“i remember my final two contractions before meeting my baby so vividly. oddly enough i don’t remember the pain from them, but just recall thinking i was moments away from meeting her if i could just get through pushing!” 

i will never forget Tabitha + Jake during the last few contractions. Jake Prayed for Tabitha, + through tears, holding hands + so much strength + love they welcomed their sweet Eisley into the world. it was such a tender moment to witness, seeing Jake tear up at the arrival of his first baby girl, to watch Tabitha embrace both her baby + her husband through the course of the evening following her arrival. 


Baby Wickline was almost immediately surrounded by her loving family(grandparents, aunts + uncle) + i could hardly contain my tears watching everyone love on such a sweet babe + family. 


What were a few things you did to prepare for your Labor + Delivery? 

“Mild exercise, read books + blogs about delivery, + prayed hard!” 

i'm always amazed by the women + families who welcome me into their birth rooms. especially by the strength they draw from being prepared for the fact that everything will be different after a short time of hard work! Tabitha was just as amazing as every mother i work with, but her calmness was out of this world!


i also got to hold baby girl + it was one of the most special moments i’ve ever experienced at a birth! i also got this photo because i was holding her(at least that’s what i tell myself)