family life - January 2018

January is always a crazy month for our family. not only are we coming down from the Holidays but we are also going into both Andrew + i's birthdays. it's really fun to look forward to each of us planning a day for the other person, but plans definitely get pricey + busy. this year i planned to take Andrew to the Denver Art Museum(we have a pass until the end of March), we also got breakfast at one of the best greasy spoon places i've ever eaten at called George's Restaurant. after the Museum we went to Amethyst Coffee in Denver. Andrew had a phone call then so me + Blythe got to read her book + hang out while he walked around outside for a bit. the afternoon was Andrew + i's to spend on a "date", we dropped Blythe off at my parent's house + then went to see The Shape of Water + eat Bad Daddy's Burgers. for my birthday we went + walked around S Broadway, looking around Antique shops, including our favorite Printed Page Bookstore. we also stopped in at Pasquini's for some delicious pizza + breadsticks. our "date" for my birthday was fairly similar to Andrew's, except we saw The Post + ate Qdoba for dinner afterwards. all in all we both feel this year was one of the best birthday's yet, + we are both looking forward to some much needed normalcy now that our "Holidays" are officially over.

also enjoy the one photo i took of the three of us, that didn't focus because the shop keeper walked around the corner + startled me as i took the photo.