I Am a Story-Teller

my adventure is found in the small corners, the overlooked + worn down areas that fellow observers have inhabited before me. i thrive on butterfly kisses + the smell of the people i know + love. nowhere feels like home more than when i am wrapped in the arms of the man i call “husband”, or my sweet B lays her head on my shoulder + sighs that sweet sigh of safety. 

i am a tired, yet hopeful, heart. i ache at the feeling of unworthiness i see all around me. this idea that YOU are not good enough; to be praised, desired, loved, looked after, listened to. these are things we are told daily, sometimes hourly. + they are lies i myself have come to believe. 

as a child i was always reading. i would sit + read 3 or 4 books a day, long + exciting novels. i always craved those stories. the connections i made with the characters felt stronger than my actual relationships, + especially in a society that now allows us to specifically curate how our story looks, feels + communicates with our followers i find myself in that situation again. my connection with my social peers is stronger through instagram + Facebook than it is in real life. i no longer have questions about how they are, or what they’ve been up to because i’ve seen it all on instagram. my desire, + my goal, is to put those social relationships aside, + build the true connection that comes from hearing, + KNOWING, someone’s story. the raw in’s + out’s that take place in the every day happenings. i will not judge you for your life, or the things you have in your fridge. i don’t care if you have days where you park your kids in front of a television because you just have to pay those bills. those days where you may love your significant other, but you certainly don’t like them; that’s okay, that’s REAL life. so no, i won’t judge you for it. But i will ask you to be honest with me. don’t hide behind your instagram handle, or your friends on Facebook. share your heart with me, + in return i promise i will be gentle + loving with it. i will capture WHO you are, not what you want to look like. + sometimes that’s messy, but it’s beautiful. it is something that we all crave to face, to understand + know about ourselves. WHO WE ARE. 

my desire is to pursue my dream of being a story-teller; through both image + word i will tell your story. i will see your Rainbows On the Wall moments, + i will preserve them, not only with an image, but with the truth THAT THAT MOMENT MATTERS. it is a crucial part to your story, because it is your everyday. it is among the things that will shape who you become, + it will determine the things that are no longer a part of who you are. they are moments that we often overlook, that we deem “too messy”, “ugly”, “unimportant”, “not instagram worthy”, + i ask you this: If those moments are not worthwhile of your time + attention, what character traits are you throwing to the wayside? which lesson are you passing by without knowing it? what moment are you missing because you couldn’t stand to slow down + take in the tiny, grainy, messy details of your life? 

i am guilty of this too. more often than not i find myself at the end of a month without having taken a day “off” the entire month because i was too busy. because i found so many other things that looked cooler, felt better + had more “value” than meeting my life face-to-face + addressing those important moments. this is something that i will forever struggle with, but it is something that i ache to change. from here on out, i’m going to practice what i preach. how can i expect my peers, my clients, my friends + family to hold honesty above all else with me, when i hide behind my photos, my text messages + my front door every single day. today i stand in the truth that I AM WORTHY OF BEING HEARD, I AM GOOD ENOUGH TO BE LISTENED TOO, AND MY STORY SHOULD BE SHARED; the entirety of it’s beautiful mess. 

here i share my own beautiful mess, so that you feel safe asking me to capture yours, trusting me as your story-teller.