Rainbows On the Wall

The other day I went to lay B down for a nap, + her DESERT DREAMING CO mobile caught the golden sunlight peaking through her curtains, hitting the prisms on her mobile, causing rainbows to dance on her walls. Usually I would have ignored it, kissed B on the forehead, + walked out of her room because, well, her nap time is my time to be Leah for a little while + I relish every second I can get. However, on this particular afternoon, I stooped over her crib, + just started talking. She + I watched those rainbows dance, + I told her about how Rainbows were a symbol of God’s promise to never flood the earth again, but we could use them as reminders of His grace, love + desire to be a part of our stories. His goodness even when things are scary. + my sweet, 8 month old baby looked up at me with tears filling her eyes, + she smiled. She smiled like she understood the gravity of what I said more than I did myself. I cried at the beauty in her heart, + the way she SAW me. (can a baby truly see you?) as I walked out of her room I turned to look at her one last time, + i saw her, she was smiling, watching those dancing rainbows on the wall. i like to think that she was remembering the beauty in the every day. i like to think that my 8 month old could remember that moment for forever, however i know that isn't a very high possibility. but ultimately these are the moments that I crave to preserve, the stories I want to be heard.