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if you worked with us + want to share your experience with other clients right here is the place to do so! we absolutely love hearing from our clients about their experiences, + always strive to learn + grow from each interaction! we want our new clients to be able to learn from old clients by hearing, not only about your experience, but also about how we have grown + changed over the years.

We knew we wanted photos that captured the moment and photographers who would work with us and make our wedding day easier. We also had a budget to meet. Leah and Andrew met all of our expectations.
They delivered photos that not only captured the moment, but are way better than what we had ever dreamed of getting. They worked with our location and took advantage of some down time to get shots we hadn’t even thought of.
They listened to our concerns about how we wanted our wedding to go and worked within that. Everything from gigantic family photos to the first look was handled with excellent professionalism and consideration.
And about our budget...Leah and Andrew gave us 4 different packages to choose from so that we could get the best possible without breaking the bank.
As photographers, Leah and Andrew know their stuff and did a great job. But we also got to know them as people during our engagement shoot. They’re the kind of people you want to sit down with over a coffee and spend the entire afternoon talking on their front porch.
— Eric + Lori Versaw
There are no words to express how incredibly happy I am that a girl I’ve known since she was little has blossomed into a tremendous photographer! And, of course, how advantageous that her husband just so happens to be talented with the camera as well! It is the perfect combination. Our first shoot together was an outdoor shoot with just me and my seven year old daughter and it was absolutely perfect! Not only did I feel like the location they had chosen was perfect, but I truly felt like the spirit of my relationship with my girl was completely captured forever. When you have children, you want to stop time, and they have done that for me! When it was time for me to get remarried, I knew exactly who to call. When I had found out that Leah was pregnant, I was sure there wouldn’t be a way for us to hire her, I was wrong. Leah was a trooper about every bit of our wedding and never let me feel any stress that I’m sure she must have been feeling! She had all of her bases covered and took care of every detail like the professional she is. Leah was at my house, 9 months pregnant, at something like 5 in the morning (did I mention that I had a morning wedding in the mountains where she hiked hills to get every last shot?) and Andrew met my husband at the house he was at around the same time. Both of them acted like it was no big deal and made us feel like the most special couple in the world! We had time constraints with our location and had to hustle through some of our photos which they executed without a hitch. Aside from all of the logistics that they covered I could gush for days about the beauty of our photos! I am pretty sure I cried as I looked through all of them more than five times. They captured the beauty of the surroundings, the personalities of every guest there, and the love between us. Every single moment was shot perfectly and there was not one thought of “oh I wish they had gotten a picture of...” it was all perfect! Leah has had the opportunity to photograph our family again and just like always, it was an extremely comfortable experience and our pictures perfectly captured “us” and who we are as a family. Leah and Andrew have a talent to “see” you through their lens and grab those perfect “you” moments. They will be our forever photographers and I can’t recommend them any higher!
— Jeni + Brent Cordova

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